EK9 B16A4 Block Or B16B ?

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Should i Swap My Engine Block ?

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  1. B16B

  2. B18C4

  3. Leave it at that B16A4 is good enough

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  4. B20 THAT **** !

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  1. AngelEK9

    AngelEK9 New Member

    Dec 23, 2017
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    Honda Civic Type-R (EK9)
    So . i really didn't know how to name this thread cause theres a lot of things i have some questions for .

    First of . let me introduce you to my Civic Type R EK9 1997 Or as i call it my EKNEIN .

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I've only recently purchased this car for only $3,500 . The price might sound stupidly cheap for you but im from cyprus . and the prices for these cars are mostly 5000$ or such . The car was originally for sale for 5000$ but because i knew the person and he was very close to me i got it for 3,500$ . Im new to this . im no engine expert so i wannet to hear some words from you guys since you seem to be more experienced

    The car has .

    Twister Exhaust . 2,5 inch
    A cheap filter

    And transmision wise its kinda decent ? i guess? (b16b gearbox 4.4lsd)

    Shorthrow shifter
    3rd gear Carbonetics (which id like an explanation on how this work is carbonetics even any good ?)
    ACT Clutch 4leaf

    Im loving this car . But..theres a downside to all this .

    First of . The engine block is a b16a4 . I dont know why . probably the previous owner has blown the b16b away . but its just the block . everything else seems to be Type R from pistons and camshafts to everything else . but the block
    Im thinking of changing the block to a b16b or even b18c4 . Some people come to me and try and stab me with "Your car isn't a type r . because your block is an SiR " and that pisses me off although its kinda true isnt it ?

    Thing is i dont mind the block . but i really dont feel much power . Car feels weak . Dont get me wrong its fast enough . But i dont know if if this is really 180hp like it claims to be .i got my ass beat from a integra GS-R 1.8l . That was tilting . Not to underestimate the integra i know . and my car is almost Bone stock . But he left me a good distance in that race .

    So will changing my engine block even give me any power ?

    Another thing i wannet to ask . My headers are stock . but as u can see in the pictures . they seem to be electroplated . Soo thats one thing i wanna change . but what headers should i go for ? i know it depends on my budget but im going for anything that will give me more power . regardless of the cost (desperate af) im looking for 4-1 headers just pretty picky on the brand . any suggestions ?

    Moreover what can i do to give the car more power . Of course my first priority is servicing and renewing any parts broken to clean up the mess. but im open to suggestions about any mods to boost the car's power .Not talking about any forced induction . but something that will give me the edge of power

    Also looking to change the intake . Any suggestions about that ?
    and the filter seems to be rekt . Soo another thing i'd like some suggestions for

    Thank you in advance for all the answers !

  2. jesse888

    jesse888 Ek9+Turbo+Nurburgring= Heaven Staff Member Donator

    Oct 16, 2012
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    The b16b crankshaft, rods and pistons wont go into a b16a block together so at best youve got b16b pistons in your b16a.
    if you can find a b16b engine then id go for that. b16b is a cracking little engine!
    as for headers, 98 spec dc2 is a good upgrade or perhaps something like thw tegiwa toda replica.

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