EK9 and DC2 ITR factory brakes (rear)


May 27, 2020
1998 EK9
being in the USA we obviously cant get CTR ek9 parts. i am looking to replace the rear calipers and rotors on my ek9.

ive searched with no clear answers, but is the EK9 and the DC2 ITR the same brakes? (caliper and rotor)?
As someone in the same boat, I can confidently say yes. In my research, the EK9 and DC2 front rotors are both 282mm x 23mm (some suppliers show 281.6, this is OK) and the rears show 260.0mm x 9mm, on almost all parts. Similarly the calipers are also the same.

I've been searching USA parts website using a 1998 Integra Type-R as my 'car'. Easy to find rotors, easy to find pads... front rebuilt calipers also pretty easy... the trick seems to be rebuilt rear calipers. Not sure why the difference - maybe they weren't used on as many USDM cars as the front brakes?

I'm also debating - I hate rust on the collar / hub of brake rotors, and I prefer painted rotors, but the Brembo's I'd like to get (from Summit racing - BBO-08-5803-81 front and BBO-09-6893-11 rear) are just "UV" coated. I know this is probably OEM spec or better... but man I wish Brembo made an OEM spec rotor with a coated black hub / collar :(

Yeah, I'm picky. I've got some "Centric premium brake rotors" in my cart at carid, they have the black center collars / hats, front and rear. I wonder... I do want me some OEM quality **** in the brembos.... are aftermarket brakes ****? Would I be better off getting the brembos and painting / coating the collar / hub in a black heat resistant paint? Or just suck it up and deal with the rust...?