Ek k20 dc subframe problem


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Jan 6, 2024
Ek civic
Hey, I have Ek9 civic 99’ and I want to do a kswap, I understand that I need to use dc subframe for ekkk2 and front lca , but I also want to put ctr/itr 5 lug conversion 32mm, but I don’t know what fork to use and and if to buy Ek coilovers or dc, my rear lca is for ek, someone can help me?
So my setup on my ek9 kswap is
DC2 SUBFRAME AND RACK (CAN also use eg or mb subframe(mb subframe requires an additional spacer between subframe and chassis))
ek coilovers with eg/dc/mb forks as
5 LUG ctr Hubs

I have heard you can use the ek front lower forks with spacers but i have yet tried that. once i have, i will update my kswap list parts which i have here on ek9.org kswap section

When you buy some coilovers. they will give you spacers for the rear arms as eg uses the same coilovers as ek. (Unless it has loop eye rear LCA)