Ej9 project **


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Jul 4, 2015
Heres a very first picture of the civic when i bought it ( had no intention of doing anything to it, just to have it as a daily run around )

Got apex Alloys ( never heard of them but needed to get rid of them ugly 18" alloys and finally new number plates

So then decided to use parts off my other project
: tein coilovers front and back
: unknown lca's
: type r backbox
: mugen front lip
: genuine type r spoiler

just the day before the car was going into shed my jr12's arrived so decided to go for spin and take a few snaps but can only find one good one

Got X-brace off a buddy of mine who had crashed his civic but all it needed was bolts so when they arrived it went straight in without any problems and as you can see we got bored and sprayed inside the car with matt purple rattle can :dance:

While car is been in the shed for less than a month i managed to snatch up 2 red recaros in excellent condition,bys front bumber, genuine skunk 2 lcas asr brace and subframe brace, spoon n1 backbox with straight throu, rear 50/50 lights with connectors , type r tilt brackets , rear camber arms, sir clocks / centre dash,

Decided to start stripping down all the panels and stuff on civic and thought the bys bumper was different looking but didnt catch my eye on the car just yet

With all panels straightened , sanded and prep work done it was time to get this car painted!!

Soon as the first coat of paint was on i wasnt sure if i liked the colour or not

so after a busy weekend of getting the finishing touches to the paint i bought it outside for abit of fresh air

So heres the car with everything back on and out on its first road trip to donegal rally!! and for those of you who seen the tv series " father ted " yes i bought my car up there to take a few sneaky snaps with my buddys audi :dance:

Any questions ect are welcome, i have a lot more pictures to put up but this spent me 52minutes doing and my photobucket is been to slow so il upload the rest tomorrow :blabla:


Mar 19, 2015
The "bought a daily.... need another daily" meme comes to mind when i read this haha
Looking good though, always had a soft spot for the BYS bumper