EJ9 H22A7 Conversion help?


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Dec 11, 2019
Honda ej9 h22
Hi guys I have recently done a h22a7 swap in my civic ej9 but just need a few pointers with it? ive got it running on an accord type r engine loom no mods to it just standard using the accord type r ecu at moment and ive got it connected to the original dash harness that was in the ej9. it all runs and works however the alternator wont charge the battery, ive got 3 alternators and it still wont charge so I find it hard to believe that I have 3 faulty alternators, ive checked all fuses and connections I know are related to the alternator but all is fine. is there something im missing? do I need to modify that part of the harness in anyway or do I need to change something else? any info on this swap will be a massive help, thanks


Jordan 258
Oct 11, 2013
Have you actually checked the alternators to make sure they output a current when the shaft is turned? At least that would eliminate the first possible issue.

Another stupid one would be to ensure you have the positive and negative the right way around