East/North Yorkshire (Selby/Hull etc)


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Feb 3, 2014
Looking for a bodyshop to paint a rear bumper I'll be picking up. Does anyone know of any bodyshops with reasonable prices?

Or if anyone themselves that lives around me has the ability to paint? :)

Clover Green Pearl is the colour I need the rear bumper and lip painting. Slightly melted around the exhaust. Picking the whole thing up for 50 quid so can't complain
dont know about the hull area but the otherside of the bridge theres nothing, im in barton myself
haha, I live near Brough is all and work in Selby which is why it would be ideal to do it around those areas (plus trains are decent enough to get me to the car and home etc)
2Slow2sensible - Did you manage to find a body shop in Selby? I live around there and need to get some work done, just wondering if you have managed to find somewhere?