D15b vtec in a ej9 about to go turbo

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by factorymidori, Aug 18, 2018.

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    Hi If anyone could help me I would really appreciated it. Im about to turbo my D series it has 130 hp at the crank, Im only wanting 200whp when all is said and done. Obviously getting a proper dyno tune is the way to go. But seeing as I don't want to change anything down the road tweak settings or make more power , is there a cheaper way to just make it reliable with basic tuning? Or does it matter how much hp for how much tuning is involved... The only tuner in my area will only work with Hondata (unclear if its only s300 or if he will work with s100/2 and he wants 500 usd just to get it on the dyno and do the work. Hoping there is a way I can make car reliable tuning myself or possibly remote tune or getting an ecu with everything ready to go and have it cost less than the 1000 or so usd that the only tuner here charges . As I say Im planning on very mild hp gains. Also, someone has a second hand hondata s100 available is that and option ? Sorry for the novel and I have been researching a lot too but still clearly lost..

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