cleaning leather seats


vti-s jordan
Dec 16, 2010
ive bought some leather cleaning wipes from local superstore which have added a wax that protects leather but i dont think they clean much and dont want to rub hard incase it will damage the leather,

is anyone getting a better and safer results for their leather seats and if so what brand are you using.

is meguiers really that good?
i use autoglym leather care cream on mine and it works a treat.

Altho your seats maybe a different typr of leather, so test it somewhere first
aye autoglym is the boy smells good to! is it a jordan leather seat by any chance? if u rub too hard they do crack! mine were cracked quite badly so didnt look much worse afterwards but a nail brush or tooth brush hot soapy water then finish off with auto leather care is the way to go!

a hate all the wipe products esp window wipes! i might b a douche n no doing it properly but a always end up moving the dirt from one side to the other with those window wipes
yeah its a jordan i some crack on passenger seat but could be creases with dirt in them (cross my fingers)
i tried rubbing abit hard and some yellow appeared on the wipe.
is soap safe?
seems like autoglym is the way to go