Champion ship white or ivory for an EK9


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Mar 15, 2017
Ek9, eg4, TVR chimeara
Ok so I've done some touching up, on my engine bay near the air intake as this was chipped, scraped and a little surface rust.
The car is a 98 spec
I had a can of champion ship white made up but after spraying it looks significantly different to the existing paint!
The existing paint is more of an off white -ivory colour where as the paint that was mixed up for me as "championship white" is a more of a frost white.
Any suggestions?
Sounds like whoever mixed your paint up done it wrong.
Nah, there's a reason why championship white is often called championship cream. If the car wasn't regularly polished the paint will fade and turn creamy, mine is the same. You could really see it on my old Ek9 when I stripped the rear plastics whereby under where the plastic was the car was significantly whiter than where the paint was exposed to sunlight. Not much can be done short of re-spraying the whole car.
Thanks..This makes sense... Il go get a high power UV light on the area then lol