Bavarian Bronze EK4

love it man really nice little ek4 :D what are the black wheels with the lip?
the black wheels are Work Nezarts its a discontinued one piece wheel.

upon returning I noticed some black grease on the wheel. so i suspected a ripped dust boot. and I was right, the dustboot ripped in a big fashion so all the grease is now inside my wheelwell :angry2:

It probably ripped on the autobahn so thats why i it got flung around real good :((

Oh well its an easy fix.
Nice car mate, very clean and those Gab sport are just :fapfap:
Awesome wheels and for what I've been Reading very rare too.....
Did you take it to the dyno??? Curious about what numbers do you reach with itr cams :)
Gabsports are rare A F. I believe there is one all white set in the UK and for the rest I don't know of any in europe, haven't seen another set IRL. So they will never be sold, allthough I do use em as a track wheel.

As for the dyno. I have had it on the dyno. it made 189 at the flywheel @ 8600 rpm. all in all not bad for a block with bolt ons and 250.000 km on the odometer

I couldn't contain my huge grin when the vtec kicked in :p
Here in Portugal there is a set of gab sports, all white 15" 4x100 pcd, currently for sale....

Good numbers, stock compression and some bolt-ons, a mild setup but despite that numbers are very good, but that cat :( it's too quiet man, even my del sol with a twin loop are more raspy, not talking about loud but that sound well I can't explain, need to do a dyno an record it to show you what I'm meaning ;)
its a 200 cell kat so does'n't restrict much and i prefer the sound. its loud enough for me and more important for the tracks I drive at. one track has a 90 dB noise limit. which i pass now.

and i absolutely love the sound the tanabe makes.
Need to see what are my db, but aren't near closer to a spoon n1 or buddyclub spec 3 for exemple, it's a twin loop, will always be restrictive and therefore keep the noise low :)

Are you enter on track days regularly??? Did you already did any lap on the famous ring???

Put some vídeos on the track so we can see and hear your b scream :D
Tanabe and mugen are both very quiet, with the tanabe being less restrictive.

yes see the post above, I've done a couple of ring laps. as for video's track video's i need to dig them up. and I'm still waiting on the vid from last sunday

trackdays; I do a couple a year mostly in belgium either zolder or francorchamps
lool didn't see that post, but I feel dumb cause that last pic have a giant nurburgring above your car lol

tanabe are like fujitsubo legalis, it's a chamber muffler, over there do you have vibrant mufflers??? do you heard any???? I love the vibrant flat black, probably my next muffler since I'm getting bored of the twin loop sound.......the vibrant are very nice, pictures don't make it justice but it sounds louder than ours, closer to the spoon n1 when you go full throttle :D

I need to make a track day on Estoril, will have one on september 21t, I'll watch it and if they put me on a street only class I'll do the track day, te last one have street and track cars mixed, and I don't wanna put my dayli driver del sol side-to-side with a track day car, I'm too affraid off trade paint and bumpers contact.....
I know of vibrant but haven't heard any,

Yes it was a bit silly you didn't see the ring sign :))

I just booked another trackday at spa. In my experience people at trackdays are very respectful towards each other. so the risk of damage is reduced somewhat.
Wilwood midilites ordered :D

was looking at some secondhand spoons. but for the price of spoons I can get new wilwoods. so a little less bling but a lot more stopping. hope to get m fitted before october. :drive:
Last weekend it was time for Honda Euro Meet in France


Had a blast again. just love the atmosphere of this show, and always great to meet up with friends from abroad.



AFter getting back from france something very nice arrived by mail: my wilwood set up :win:


great service from stewart at freaky parts.
Now I just have to fit them and see if they fit in the Gab's :D Should be fine with a 5mm spacer, if the template was correct.
Car looks like a showcar but fits so well on track! Perfect! Wilwoods look awesome... Pics wen fitted..

I try to balance the narrow line between show car, street car and track car, and I manage it pretty good so far :p

yup will update when the brakes are fitted.
well, well, well. looking good as always man. I need to come back to the Netherlands and visit you guys at another meet. hopefully my K is done in the 4dr by then.
well, well, well. looking good as always man. I need to come back to the Netherlands and visit you guys at another meet. hopefully my K is done in the 4dr by then.

yeah get a move on. on the other hand: winter is on its way so you got time till next years meets. :naughty:
well the wilwoods are on. But dispite having tested with the template from freaky parts tha gab sports don't fit at all :(


I tried a 1" spacer, but this is not enough, trouble is the spokes of the wheel curve inward too early. So its very sad but it looks like I’m going to have to sell the Gab’s. Sad too have to get rid of them but on the other hand I was using them as a track set so that could be considered a waste as well.

I’m looking to trade against another set of Japanese non replica wheels. I have approached a couple of friends first, but I will put up a for sale thread on here soon. (I will be coming over to mimms at the end of October.

Fortunately the works do fit although even here I have to use a spacer (it doesn’t fit by only a hair)

Looks blingy though 



I just have to get the brakes bled now (tried with an eezibleed but didn’t have the right brake reservoir lid)

My biggest concern is that I have two trackdays booked in October (one at spa and one at zolder) so I need a set of trackwheels for that day. So I might need to borrow steal or trade a temporary set for those days.
Brakes look mad! Shame about the gabs but im sure u wnt settle until u got something just as good!