B18CR Hard start


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Oct 16, 2018
96 EK Coupe w/98 ITR Drivetrain
Hello. I've recently been having an issue with my B18CR having difficulty starting. Keep in mind this is a STOCK 1998 JDM B18CR with the factory JDM ECU. Meaning I cannot connect this to a scan tool.

When the engine is cold. It can start usually on the second crank. However when I get it to operating temperature, turn it off and try to restart it. It will be VERY difficult to get it to fire up. It will crank no issue and try and get running but won't after many tries. Priming the fuel pump does nothing to help.
When it does start up. Sometimes it's with a CEL. Sometimes not. The engine runs great when running and driving. Its getting it started that's the issue.

I unplugged the IAT Sensor and cranked it over with no difference. I then unplugged the MAP sensor and cranked the engine and it fired right up but was in limp mode with a CEL. I don't know if the car just runs on a base map when the MAP sensor is unplugged, but the issue could be something else.

I also notice a fuel smell when cranking excessively and managed to get a backfire once.

Anyone have any idea? Thanks.


Aug 15, 2010
hello mate i have some problems from last year with my self with hard cranks and sometimes it makes an echo , from what i hear and for me without being en expert , only from what they told me during searching my problem maybe your fuel pump relay need some replacement due to the fact that it will not crank while its cold, my problem that we have now for random cranks but it doesnt matter colrd or hot its the magnetic sensors inside the distributor, but my sympoms are hard cranks randomly, 3 times car switched off and sometimes in 4000 rpm it will sputter. but in your case maybe the relay


Oct 8, 2010
Could try
Map whack is a procedure on the S2000 -2k rpm and give MAP a tap 20x with something