Anybody play Assetto Corsa? My FAV racing sim.


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Sep 18, 2011
Hey guys, just out of curiosity, anybody here played Assetto Corsa? It's by far the best racing sim I have played, in terms of physics and force feedback.. The game is not actually out yet but you can buy it off Steam with "Early Access".. Meaning developers will keep releasing stable versions of the game as they work on it, and add more content, also our money helps the developers :D

Right, I don't want to add more, I am in no way advertising for this game or anything, just recommending an awesome game to members as they will soon release MULTIPLAYER for this game, and I cannot wait :D I'd recommend you only play it if you have a PC that can run it, and a good force feedback steering wheel (I'm using the Logitech G25 atm) to go with it!

Here is a copy+paste review I wrote for Assetto Corsa on Steam:

Where do I start? I looked into this game after a few Google searches on what games I should play once I get hold of my Logitech G25 again and after a few YouTube videos, I decided to go ahead and buy it even though I didn't have my G25 wheel back from my buddy yet. I took a "risk" and ended up buying the game for its full price and played a few laps with a Xbox 360 controller. It didn't seem anything special, the tire/handling physics definitely did stand out but I didn't want to judge this game from my experience with a 360 controller so I waited.

Finally I got hold of my G25 and set it all up in order to try this game, and WOW, I have tried many driving simulators on PC, PS3, Xbox360 and all with Force Feedback wheels but I have not come across a game as Realistic as Assetto Corsa. After a few practice laps, I made sure my rotation was set to 900 degrees with 100% Force Feedback strength and fully manual setup with no traction control, just 100% Stability (as I was testing the Zonda R).

I still cannot get over how good it feels, everything is so realistic, the graphics are way above average when compared with other driving simulators and I'm sure it will only get better as this game is still in Early Access 0.4. I have not yet played a driving simulator that can provide me with the most ACCURATE yet CHALLENGING Force Feedback, which is very rewarding when done right. Force Feedback has never been better on a game in my opinion.

From the Early Access 0.4 version, this game is definitely one of the best investments I have made in Driving Simulators. I feel like even with early access, it was worth every penny of my money (which I haven't recently felt even with other games, not just driving simulators) and it will only get better once AI is released, once Career mode is released, and once Multiplayer is released. The Assetto Corsa Development team is heading in the right direction with this game so my expectations are very high and I'm sure myself, and other consumers will not be disappointed.

I'm personally most excited for Multiplayer and I can see myself spending countless hours in Drag, Drift and Track modes competing with other enthusiasts.

Should you buy this game? YES! But make sure you have a good Force Feedback wheel to go with it, preferably with full pedals, a H shifter etc.

Last but not least, I have also recently invested in 3D gaming, and this game was easily the best looking 3D game I have played on my 40" Samsung (with Nvidia 3DTV Play Software), once all the depth and convergence settings were done right for each camera view, but that's pretty much something you have to do for all 3D games so I wouldn't even consider it a con.

Go and buy this game!

EDIT: It would be awesome to race members once Multiplayer is released! :)