99 - 00 Civic EK9 Carbon Fiber Radio Block Off Installation


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Apr 15, 2006
Since i dont use this car for daily drive, i decided to remove the radio, i didn't want to have a "hole" in the dash so i decided to buy the Honda OEM Carbon Fiber Radio Block Off.

I bought it in ebay, be carefull there are a lot of people is selling fake ones, mine had the honda sticker + part number. I paid 45 $ shipped.

I found this manual on the internet on how to remove / install a new radio. It's the same information, only that on the right side hehe. I use this just for reference.

Link To the Manual:


PDF Format, you will need adobe acrobat reader, you can download it from www.download.com its free.

I decided to remove the passenger recaro seat so i can have more space to work.

It took me about 2 hours. You have to remove almost everything.

Pictures of the process in my car:

Dash Completely removed with the radio. They come out together.


Look from the outside, scary!


You have to push the hole dash from under the radio to the outside.


Be carefull when unplugging this plugs before taking the hole dash out.


You will have to remove the air coditioning part from the dash, because you need to remove 2 screws that hold the right side of the radio.


Since i will no longer need the radio arness, i decided to remove it, you just need to unplug it.






Radio Block Off Installed.


Since i no longer need the speakers, i decided to remove them, for the back speakers, you will need to remove 3 screws, and for the front speakers, you will need to remove the plastic part covering the speaker, then you need to remove 3 screws. You have to use a phillips screw driver.


Hope you find this usefull, there's no installation guide on the internet, so i decided to make this one.

Cheers. :)


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Look very nice mate, i would love a 99 spec for my ek9 :) They seem to go for good money :eek:
u are lucky u find the original OEM radio block
its really nice
i want to see this car running in the track
thanx for sharing the info and pics...
Thread Revival :)

Piece of CAKE following RVM's guide.

Sticky this maybe?
defo sticky, i always wondered how to take the console off, maybe will PM the OP if i need help lol
you just saved me taking into my car with a hatchet! ty!
up for this great tutorial.
is it easy to remove the antenna ?
is it easy to remove the antenna ?
Yes, its a 5 - 10 min job. Pull out of back of head unit, trace cable to base of A pillar making sure it isnt attached, undo screws on top of A pillar and then just pulls out