17 inch rims for ek9


Aug 24, 2009
My car makes around 270hp and 220 ft.lbs with peak torque coming in quite early in the revs and holding well.... The car has no problem turning a set of 17x9 wheels and my lap times improved every time I went up a tyre size and width

The Dunlop slicks that I use are very light as well as the wheels so the 17x9 setup is probably lighter than most road setup's using 16x7 for example. The car is also geared to suit the wheel size

@Jethree Salera with 400hp you could run an 18x10 wheel and not need to worry about the weight of the wheel and tyre. Most US time attack guys are using 18's front with up to 295 wide tyres... they run a lot of Aero to match