1. Dzero4

    WTB EK9 Type Rx

    I'm currently looking to buy a EK9 Type Rx, if you have one in the UK for sale to save me the wait on import let me know :) Preferably as stock as possible with OEM wheels. Thanks
  2. EkBen

    MG 260mm N/S/R or 262 rear calipers

    As title, Broken a bleeder valve and cba to waste my time extracting it so looking for either a single left rear 260mm MG caliper or a pair of 262mm rears
  3. BenXL

    B18 crank needed

    My crank is f*cked so I'm in need of a new one, b18c6 preferred but b18c4 will do. If anyone has one for sale or knows of anyone/anywhere with some then please let me know! Thanks
  4. R555 DUN

    Aftermarket Wing

    Looking to change the boring spoiler on the back of the EJ9. Preferably looking for a Seekers or Spoon, Genuine parts. Please no knock offs or replicas. not bothered at all about the colour, but would prefer vsm, if its a spoon, would like a good condition item, no wear or tear. As usual PM...
  5. R555 DUN


    As titled, looking for a set of x2 EK9 or DC2 recaro seats, preferably Black but if a decent set of Red recaros come up i'll be interested in seeing what is on offer! No bolster wear, burns, tears, holes etc. must be in very good condition. Would also be looking for OEM EK9 rails as i'm not...
  6. R555 DUN

    JDM EK9 Wind deflectors.

    As titled, on the hunt for a pair of OEM JDM EK9 3 door wind deflectors, preferably in good condition. No deep scratches, fading, warped or damaged items. Would also need to have compatible mounting kit etc. Please no aftermarket parts, Team Heko etc. looking for the OEM pair! PM or post on...
  7. F

    EK9 under 100k miles wanted!

    Looking for a nice condition EK9 with under 100k miles on the clock. Preferable Championship white but will definitely consider all other colours! Cheers Freddie
  8. coreyxpartridge


    Hi guys, I am looking for a EK4 VTI, preface sedan 4door or hatch back. I am located in Exeter, Devon but will travel for the right one. I have cash waiting. Cheers Corey