track day

  1. G4RF13LD

    Wide arches

    Hi All, Just toying with an idea of wide arches, not sure of to do it or not. I know it seems to be the phase right now but i plan to use the car mainly for track days and maybe the odd weekend drive. I know if i go down this route o can get wider wheels and it will give me a wider base so...
  2. Sparrowhawk

    EK9 Racing in MSVT Trophy this season (2017)

    Hi all, I'm not much of a poster of the forum, but thought some people might be interested in my racing this year. I've entered the 2017 MSVT Trophy in my EK9 race car, and thought it might be worth sharing some of the experiences with you guys. I also thought it would be nice to jot down my...