1. E

    Spoon calipers with OEM wheels

    Hi All. Will Spoon calipers fit with my OEM wheels? Does it limit your wheel options? It's guaranteed that this topic has been covered before but I wanted to ask the question.
  2. Jclimb_EK9

    New here : after info on my EK9 if previous owners are on here

    Hello all, I've had EK9 Pre face 2744 for about 5 months now and loving it ! I'm curious as to who owned the car before me and what has been done etc. From the previous owner (one before me) had done lots of spoon parts etc. But I understand that he had bought the car after it had been...
  3. pr0gre551ve

    WTB: Shift Sports carbon bonnet (EK kouki) & Spoon carbon mirrors

    If anyone here have one up for sale, hit me up with pm or post it here. *If you have any other carbon or kevlar composite bonnet please let me know as well. *Item must be W/O aerocatches holes! -As for the Spoon mirros, they can be used but must be authentic! thanks in advance =)
  4. Installed on the car torqued with specified Nm.

    Installed on the car torqued with specified Nm.

  5. Spoon, pads and more Spoon..

    Spoon, pads and more Spoon..

  6. All parts arrived, ready to be installed

    All parts arrived, ready to be installed

    Items and parts I used for Spoon brake swap: *Spoon twin block calipers for EK4/EK9.. *Spoon inner spacer set *Spoon brake pads *Dixcel type FS rotors "282" 4x100, quite non-standard spec but I decide to keep 4x100 bolt pattern. But you can go with 5x114,3 or whatever you like. *Hel braided lines
  7. S

    WTB: seatrails full Bucket EK

    looking for Some seatrails to fit my Recaro SPG (full Bucket). Only A+ brands like: bride, vision, buddyclub etc etc. Also only in need of the passengerside! Must fit a EK!
  8. Turfy

    Turfy's 2000 Ek9 Type Rx Fresh Import :) Spoon Bonnet - SR4 Tomcats

    Hi all! In 2016 I contacted Torque-GT (Darren Keshishian) to use their Personal Import Service. I was very specific in what i wanted to get and what standards it needed to meet - ''Im looking for a 2000 Ek9 Rx. Type Rx with all Type Rx optional extra's. The more standard the car the better, I...
  9. Travaglino

    Spoon Calipers

    I'm looking for spoon calipers for my Facelift Ek9 Thank you all!
  10. Electron Blue

    Electron Blue

    JDM influenced coupe
  11. R555 DUN

    Aftermarket Wing

    Looking to change the boring spoiler on the back of the EJ9. Preferably looking for a Seekers or Spoon, Genuine parts. Please no knock offs or replicas. not bothered at all about the colour, but would prefer vsm, if its a spoon, would like a good condition item, no wear or tear. As usual PM...
  12. R555 DUN

    My VSM EJ9

    Hi all! Bought my VSM a few years back, sadly she has been sitting for a while, been neglected and ignored as i have little time after work to tinker with the car and as i never got round to getting my license... yet! The car its self, i am the 2nd owner of the car and it is sitting just shy...
  13. JDMDingo

    EK9 Spoon cluster - Serious Buyer

    I'm looking for an EK9 Spoon cluster, I'm a serious buyer living in Japan.....can also trade for Japanese parts.
  14. coreyxpartridge

    Corey's EK4 VTI '99 SSB (Now rebuilding)

    Today I picked up my first VTI. I've been looking for nearly a year for the right one and this popped up 20 minutes from my house. I'm super, super happy. It's a facelift, EK4 VTI in Super Sonic Blue. I bought the car with some modifications such as Tein coilovers, spoon replica full exhaust...