1. Jake Renton

    Ek9 Rear Spoiler

    Hello, So I'm looking at buying a genuine Ek9 wing & baseplate, the price is at £250 or best offer? Is this a reasonable price for one? My Ek9 came into the country with an ugly wing with a brake light on it and I really want to go OEM. Is anyone selling one on here? Any help would be much...
  2. Husnain

    eBay ek9 spoiler

    Hi guys I recently brought an ek9 spoiler of eBay (fibre glass) but no instructions came with it can anyone help me with some pics?
  3. R555 DUN

    EK9 Spoiler

    As titled, looking for a EK9 spoiler with baseplate/trunk mount. Preferrably in good condition but I'm open to whatever you have. PM me, Thanks.
  4. R555 DUN

    Aftermarket Wing

    Looking to change the boring spoiler on the back of the EJ9. Preferably looking for a Seekers or Spoon, Genuine parts. Please no knock offs or replicas. not bothered at all about the colour, but would prefer vsm, if its a spoon, would like a good condition item, no wear or tear. As usual PM...
  5. Vtex

    Ek9 spoiler

    As per title. Genuine Ek9 roof spoiler wanted.
  6. JDM4ever

    EK9 Roofspoiler (ABS) NO breaklight/EK4 original Doorpannel

    Hejj guys, I'm looking for an EK9 spoiler which is made out of ABS not GFK. Does anyone know where I can get one? (Without breakinglight) And I'm also looking for the original Doorpannels of the EK4 anyone? :D Thanks for the help. Maybe I need some more parts later. If anyone have a black...
  7. pr0gre551ve

    WTB: "EK9" HOP wing baseplate

    Looking for a genuine Honda wing baseplate from EK9, Seeker baseplate will be welcomed too. Please no bad replicas of fakes. Just popped me a PM or carving.jdm@gmail.com