1. coreyxpartridge

    Black Preface EJ6 Coupe - Track/Fast Road

    I had a thread on here before (Corey’s SSB EK4 VTI), for my old EK4 which I bought, drove for a year and then took off the road for a full resto. During the space of 6-8 months I stripped the car to pieces in my workshop at home. I got robbed :angry2: so I started renting a proper unit, then I...
  2. coreyxpartridge

    Corey's EK4 VTI '99 SSB (Now rebuilding)

    Today I picked up my first VTI. I've been looking for nearly a year for the right one and this popped up 20 minutes from my house. I'm super, super happy. It's a facelift, EK4 VTI in Super Sonic Blue. I bought the car with some modifications such as Tein coilovers, spoon replica full exhaust...
  3. coreyxpartridge

    Discount - 10% off! KEIPS8K -

    Hi all, Admin - hope this is okay to advertise. KEIPS8K (pronounced: keepsake) - 10% off for all forum members - use checkout code: 'ek9forumdiscount'. We are a new, independent, Japanese parts and clothing brand from Exeter, Devon. Please feel free to check out...