1. coreyxpartridge

    Black Preface EJ6 Coupe - Track/Fast Road

    I had a thread on here before (Corey’s SSB EK4 VTI), for my old EK4 which I bought, drove for a year and then took off the road for a full resto. During the space of 6-8 months I stripped the car to pieces in my workshop at home. I got robbed :angry2: so I started renting a proper unit, then I...
  2. MotorMo

    MotorMo's Whip

    Recently swooped an EJ6 97 Black Civic Hatchback. I've wanted to build on this platform for many years, so finding the right one was a must. After some time searching I found this totally stock 97 hatch that I couldn't walk away from. It's now been almost a year since I've owned her, and much...