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  1. R555 DUN

    My 98' Spec JDM DC2 ITR

    So asa very Small few of you know, I've moved on from the EP3, Great car which I do miss, will definitely be back in one some day soon. Was fun to drive but another car came up that took my fancy and I couldn't resist. A (Very Fresh) 1998 Honda Integra Type R DC2. finished in Championship...
  2. kilo1onedelta

    The EK9 is alive!

    So after the poor thing sat on the driveway day in day out for over 12 months, it has finally come round to her being able to stretch her legs and go hunting. This video shows her much needed awakening! Plenty more vids on the way, I hope you enjoy YouTube: The Ek9 Awakens Reece Powell