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  • Hi Bud,

    I'm sure I've seen you're email address around the forums but I cant seem to find it now! - I'm interested in your VSM, would like to talk more about it if thats alright?

    send me an email to lazeralus@gmail.com if you can. Also has it got an immob as well as a cat 1 alarm?

    hi buddy,

    it wont let me send a pm untill i have 10 posts, so ill leave you a message here. your car looks mega, and ive looked at the ad a fair few times before even joining here.. but at the minute i need to sell mine before i can buy. but you can expect a message as soon as mine sells :p

    Lloyd :D
    Hey bud, just saw your profile and saw that you live in stourport! Never seen you around, drive through pretty much everyday
    Alrite mate going to go up the malverns on sunday i think for a wee drive (that may get bigger depending what everyons upfor) with some mates! Seeing if you fancied joining us as your fairly local!!
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