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    Parts For Sale

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    Parts For Sale

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    Parts For Sale

    Sorry just seen this, dont have
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    Parts For Sale

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    Parts For Sale

    Hi mate, I'm sold out unfortunately
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    Parts For Sale

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    Parts For Sale

    Updated last bits left in stock, still going through my personal spare engines and parts so please ask about anything else not listed. Reducing my workload and incoming stock due to having moved onto other commitments which is taking up more of my time. Thank you everyone
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    Parts For Sale

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    Donnington Park Track Day 21/6/2021

    We have been trying to arrange a forum members track day for the past few years as a opportunity for members to get together and have a bit of fun on track. We have currently booked this date and circuit as a track session and will be doing some testing on our personal cars. We have 4 cars...
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    Honda Logo for SALE

    Please read, post count is 100 now though
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    Parts wanted for EK and EG

    Already spoke to him thanks Pete
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    Item for sale: Honda B Series Turbo Package/Parts

    Item for sale: Honda B Series Turbo Package Reputation: Price: negotiable Location: Midlands UK Condition: used/new (various conditions) Description: Drag/Race Turbo kit Custom vband racetech turbo manifold Custom racetech vband downpipe...
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    Skunk2 Pro 1 cams with Supertech valvetrain?

    Always go by manufacturer
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    JDM 98 spec DC2 CW

    This got sold ages ago
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    Honda B Series Turbo Packages

    I haven't got any to sell individually sorry mate