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    Searching facelift ek9 headlights - condition doesnt matter!

    Hey mates, Iam searching a left ek9 facelift headlight. The condition doesnt matter, because i just need the inlay cause Mine is broken -_-" Please incl. Shipping to germany. Thanks :)
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    OEM EK9 Facelift Grill and Frontlip

    Hi mates, Iam searching a orignial EK9 Facelift Grill and Lip. Paint condition doesn't matter that much because it will be painted in red. Iam from germany, so Iam not able to come over to take it :D So please price with shipping costs ;) cheers.
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    Black DC2 UKDM

    oh yes! Great images. But your rocker cover needs some work man. The rest of the car looks good and clean :nice:
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    Spoon sw388...but.....won't fit!! help needed....

    Buy MC2 brake disks and all is fine. and yes... especially in 15" the most nice rims are with 4 studs :angry:
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    Front ARB

    no prob :)
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    Front ARB

    Some things that have changed from 96 till the end ;) 1996 - 1997: NO ARB 240mm Brake disks 1998 - 1999 (EU): Front ARB 262mm Brake disks Frontgrill has changed (More facelift style) > you can also call it the technical facelift from 1999 (Japan from 1998): Optical Facelift Euro 3...
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    few bits needed for conversion

    hi, i still have a b16b engine starter. engine has run 106.000 km
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    OEM Honda wheelbearing Vs. "Noname" Aftermarket wheelbearings

    Hi mates, erveryone knows that oem honda wheelbearings aren't cheap. They are very expensive in comparisson to some aftermarket ones and even there are some high differences between some brands. But the question is, if you're buying such a important part if you should pay more for a oem...
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    Sad to see her go :(

    the same here. I sold a friend of me my old (first car) ej9. Over the years I saw how the car gets worser and worser (rust etc.). Now I got her back to make her good again and use her as daily bitch :)
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    15" 4x100 Advan RG / Jordan wheels

    iam also lookiung for some of these wheels for nearly 3 years now. no succes =/
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    Item for sale: Buddy Club P1 Racing SF Price: £450 Paypal?: yes Location: Germany Condition: 9,5/10 Description: Nice Set of wheels I just have driven for 2 weeks or so in 2010. They are like new, just some few tiny scratches from the tyre-man. The wheels never hit a curb or something. The...
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    Can someone change my aunts engine?

    Hi mates. My aunt has a problem. She own's a nissan micra and it's engine has blown up. Iam over here in germany, so I can't help her. Are some people over here, who would do that? Because the garage wants a lot of money for the change. She comes from Sandford-Credition // Devon...
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    My Integra Type R DC5

    Looks clean :) But i don't like those black roofs. But real nice car, also want to own one :)
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    OEM EK9 mat stay in red

    should fit on passenger side yes. LHD uses the same thing. Also on a LHD there's a hole on passenger side. The whole car is the same (LHD and RHD), just firewall and dash are different. every car has the holes etc, the other one also has.
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    My ej9 b18c 98 spec from Greece

    very very nice civic :) Remembers me to the times as I got my first black prefacelift civic ;)