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    You could always get a Bee-R Limiter, I used to have one on my D14 and it made it a hell lot of fun tbh! Or you could get a P28, probably the easiest option, although you may need to get an OBD Adapter Harness.
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    D15Z6 running on D16Y8 ecu
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    W146 uaf cw ek9 hayle cornwall

    he's literally rebuilding now.
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    D series swap

    you can use any honda loom as long as it's the same OBD, if you are running a different ECU you will need to run a OBD harness adapter. For example you can use B16A loom on a D16Z6
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    What model is my type R?!

    All EK9s are lighter than the usual EJs and EKs EJ and EK weigh approx 1143kg Preface lift EK9 - 1060kg Facelift EK9 1090kg
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    What Intake

    I have a carbon whale intake, give it a nice deep tone and vtec is louder with it on. Or just run a velocity stack, it will scream! As for exhaust, I have full straight pipe, headers, center, back box is a Spoon N1. I can't see the Spoon Arm adding any 'power' or noticeable noise, I think it's...
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    Identify B-Series Gearbox

    Hi guys, I am struggling to find out what gearbox my B16A has. It's short ratio, however I have no gearbox sticker to identify what gearbox it is, is there an imprinted code anywhere on the gearbox like on the back or underneath maybe? Thanks,
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    Spoon n1

    Spoon N1 are quite raspy over 3k RPM, I have a full exhaust system, striahgt pipe and then a M2 Motorsport Rep N1 Spoon backbox and that's pretty loud, but I heard the best set up is Aftermarket header, cat / decat, standard center section and spoon n1 backbox.
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    B16A2 help?!

    Agree with what gwailo said above ^ You may also want to consider upgrading your spring and retainers because of the limiter raise, you don't want anything flying out. I'm running a skunk2 stage 3 cams on a stock B16A at the moment and it's brutal, I still need to upgrade springs and retainers...
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    Tilted spoon spoiler??

    tbh mine has started to rattle a bit haha, I may need to tighten it up a little
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    Tilted spoon spoiler??

    mines tilted, look at my profile pic lmao
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    B16A Mapping

    Thanks for your replies, I have contacted EFI Parts and they don't do Crome unfortunately, they said they only use Hondata, I have also contacted Race-Tech in Sheffield, hopefully they can do it!
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    D15b vtec in a ej9 about to go turbo

    Your best bet is to get some d16z6 parts such as rods and connectors, and the cam, be more of an aggressive build then, they are relatively cheap to find forged parts as well. Your engine has to go through that strain to get to that power so it's best to change a few inexpensive parts to ensure...
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    B16A Mapping

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone knew around Manchester area or in the North-West who can map with Crome? I have a H-TUNE ECU and it is currently running Crome software. I am looking to boost soon and wanting to know if there are any local maps instead of driving risking my engine all...
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    B16A2 Exhaust

    It should be a straight bolt-on, I can't see, especially Mugen, changing the bolt pattern because then that would be a pain in the arse, this was posted 2 years ago, but if you're still wondering, yes it will fit :)