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    Various EK9/EK4 parts (mostly OEM) - Hub swap, Aerocatches, Discs, Mudflaps and More!!!

    can you post the front and rear disc rotors to Germany?
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    recaro seat

    oh man what a deal!!!!!
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    BREAKING: Vince's 260bhp K20 EK fun machine - First Moulding/Voltex/Hybrid Racing/ETC

    too bad you wont post. damn I could sure use those fenders. good luck with the sale
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    Facelift EK4 or EK9 front end parts

    back to the top. still looking for fenders.
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    EK4 Vti Dials

    willing to ship if I cover shipping costs?
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    thanks for the minty fresh 99-00 EK9 Facelift grill. easy transaction and fast shipping to my house in Germany!!!!
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    Genuine Facelift OEM Grill

    pm sent
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    Genuine Facelift OEM Grill

    i'll take it. can you pm me a price quote to Germany, 92676?
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    Genuine Facelift OEM Grill

    is this still for sale?
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    Just copped some 99-00 EK9 headlights. Very fast delivery and they were just as he described. Thanks for the good communication and taking the time to deal with a fellow EK9 enthusiast. Smitty The 10/10
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    Facelift EK4 or EK9 front end parts

    I am hoping some1 is willing to ship to Germany to help me out with my build. Looking for 99-00 EK4 or EK9 Facelift front end OEM parts. I already got lights lined up. But I could use: Front Wings, American cats call them fenders Front bumper Front Grille Would like them in VSM, but...
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    Nicole's turbo black ek9

    OMG!!!! that Night Hawk Pearl is so fresh!!! makes me really miss my Flamenco Black Pearl hatch back home in America.
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    HypedKidz 9'er - Complete Custom Wheels (CCW Classic)

    HA!!! I knew it. I go by Smitty_Works on there.:D
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    Bushell's ej9 (New shoes, P7 )

    the wax job and the Volks look amazing. I was under the impression that the UK and most European EK's didn't have the front bumper crash beam support bar.