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    Dizzy sensors

    Hey guys, just wanted to share with ya’l a photo my my sensors from inside my dizzy, had a poor starting issue plus a tdc sensor fault code (CEL8) found the sensors all cracked up... figured it’s an issue due to age and heat.. is it a common issue?
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    Instrument cluster carbon wrap

    OOOOOOSH! How’s everyone? Just wanted to share a post about my SIR instrument panel wrap, doesn’t look too bad far a cheap eBay wrap
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    Hey guys! Looking for anyone in the uk who has another JDM SiR model ek4 - I know my ride is rare but I don’t quite know how rare! Anyway, here’s a pic of the old goat
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    Ek4 SIR Electric folding wing mirrors

    Hey, I did not realise you guys had replied to this - thought it would of emailed Me or something cheers for Your input... yeah defo stretched because of Clicking noise, they do operate to a degree but it is an annoyance when the mirrors click loads instead of folding in that last little bit...
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    Ek4 SIR Electric folding wing mirrors

    Hey everyone, my SIR wing mirrors have the the rubber belts in them, they have stretched causing the mirrors to not fold in as desired. I'm sure it's a common problem on them, Has anyone found a decent cure for this problem or somewhere to buy new belts from? Cheers!
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    B16 ignition timing, any thoughts?

    Yes the three marks are 14/16/18 btdc. Or if you have an adjustable timing light then you just set the timing light to the required degrees and time up the tdc mark
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    B16 ignition timing, any thoughts?

    No, I got a standard ecu and a spoon ecu.. Timing was checked with the standard ecu which I've had on the car sometime now
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    B16 ignition timing, any thoughts?

    Yeah little bit helpful, thank you. I'm a technician for Mazda so I understand the point of setting it properly, i bridged the service connector, warm engine, check idle speed with IACV disconnected then done ignition timing. I would of thought being at 10btdc would of made the car slower than...
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    B16 ignition timing, any thoughts?

    hey everyone! I have a jdm ek4 sir and it goes well. I recently checked the ignition timing and found it set to 10 btdc. Obviously they are set to 16+-2 btdc across the range as far as I'm aware. Any ways I set it to 16 btdc and feel it doesn't have the pull it used too. I know I can just put it...