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  • EK9DANZ .... Yes I have all lips in stock

    VTI Chris... yes £95 for the ball joints and £230 for the full super pro kit

    SAMUEK9... yes mate there in the venders section under performance
    Alright Shaun, Dean recommended yourself for sunroof bungs, so i was wondering if you could sort me out one?

    Cheers, Sean
    Hi Shaun
    Just added as a new member to this forum, and seen some post regarding Type R ek9 Lips
    Do you still have any facelift front and rear type R style in stock
    Hi Shaun,

    Is it possible to get BC Spec 2's still for the ek9 if so could you please give me a price delivered to ab345er.

    Mate could you give me a price for dc2 front and rear camber kit, extended balljoints and dc2 full superpro pollybush set cheers pm me pls
    hey i have a 98 ek4 hatchback i am after a front grill a type r rear lip and a mugen front lip with the air dams in that polyuthrane or wateva its called lol could you give me a price and tell me how id go around paying for it?? if you have a number i could contact that would b great thanks alot much appreciated chris
    Hi mate
    I emailed buddyclub a few weeks ago about my suspension, and got an email back asking me to call, but i have been so busy the last few weeks and haven't had time to get to a phone. so i thought i would ask you on here.
    I have a set of your N+ spec dampers, but one of the front dampers is damaged. and needs replacing, also all four of the dust covers need replacing. is i possible to buy just one shock and the dust covers separately?
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