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    Crail: 300bhp astra vs ek9

    Cant change the surface due to it being listed.... Make the most of it unless you want to fund a new 1/4 mile track... or travel 7/8 hours to Avon. Simple really. Everyone is in the same boat when your there, learn some throttle control and there isnt alot of wheelspin.
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    JDP's boosted 9

    Did you follow ther link? RC state that your injectors will NOT support that power... What pressure do you run? And no you dont want injectors running flat out, thats how things go boom ;) If the AFR's are ok the dyno must be a power number happy machine..
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    JDP's boosted 9

    Nice neat install :nice: BUT you injectors are far to little for the power output, the damn things must be screaming! Unless you hve the fuel presure is cranked way up there.{E1rZ1SSXCtVXxYw9f9
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    Line Boring

    With the possibility of that block needing done aswell.....
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    Spoon ECU Facelift

    Can i ask why you want a spoon ecu over a cheaper PFC??? Generic spoon ecu or a fully progammable ecu? There should be any thought in this really. Sooner folk see these spoon ecus are not the best thing in the world the better.
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    need help picking a car........

    If i were you id look at the DC5. Newer, Quicker, Comfier and handle just as good if not better than the rest. Also hold there value better aswell
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    Tsukuba Fast Lap EK9 Turbo ( Top fuel )

    The ss works CRX held the FWD record for years at 59.1 Eventually beaten by the FD2
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    vtec issue

    Have you tried putting the standard cams back in to rule out them huge cams..?
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    Jimbo's B18C-R Jordan

    Did you read the link? It tells you why in that?
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    Jimbo's B18C-R Jordan

    If you dont know what harmonic vibrations are and how they come about, read this. It will then make sense. Harmonic balancer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hopefully you will be able to make sense as to why most vehicle manufacturers put a harmonic pulley on there cars. Oh nice car...
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    My Mate Said My Car Is Slow!

    Did your mate say his A4 was quicker? IF he didnt then he was given his opinion on your car. EK9's are not all that quick anyway, and yes i drive an A4 130hp motor daily. Ask him for a race, with trailers on tow. ;)
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    Cylinder head re-fitted but have a few problems

    Headgasket on the right way up?? That makes it leak if it is the wrong way..
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    Dead k20!?!

    Well it sounds like you will have to whip the head off, as it sounds like you have either piston or ring damage. Can almost be 99% on it being one or the other.
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    Race car finally out of Hibernation

    22k - 20k spring rates on a wet Knockhill will be interesting to see. :D Hopefully theres enough damping in the dampers to compensate, or there will be a bonny looking EK9 pirouetting all over the place! :wow:
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    Thoughts On This Problem

    Odd one really, whip the air box off just to make sure the filter isnt being sucked into the trumpets. Im presuming you have tried to lean the fueling out, via the emerald ECU, but to no avail? Certainly something stupid, if the car works fine out with Vtec. All settings ok within the ECU?