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    OEM Side Sticker Product Code

    I believe 75773-S03-Z00ZA is the part number you'd be after, unless your EK9 is black in which case there's a different one to use. Also, you might find this thread useful for part numbers...
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    Recommendations on quick release steering wheel system?....

    Assuming you want to keep the steering wheel in approximately the same position to yourself, you'll be looking for a slimline boss as well as the quick release. For the quick release, I'd recommend sticking to the main motorsport manufacturers like OMP, Sparco, etc. Personally I prefer the...
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    Custom made fiberglas body parts - which company does it?

    Not being in the UK, I can't help you with companies to refer to sorry. But I do wonder about the economics of what you're asking. Anyone looking to make a replica is going to either want an original to make moulds from, or is going to spend considerable time and effort designing one...
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    OEM EK9 LSD service Limits / Test from owners manual

    No worries man. You'd be the first person I've heard of who might actually do the test... you'll have to let us know how it goes! I guess it depends on having the right tool though too. I don't even know what a "beam-type torque wrench" is, haha.
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    OEM EK9 LSD service Limits / Test from owners manual

    They're probably referring to the Rotating Torque Check, as per this from the Service Manual for the ITR. Good luck finding anything EK9 specific in English.
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    Track brake discs

    RS29 pads are probably about as rotor-friendly as you can get in a track/race pad. :nice: I used the Mugen Active Gate rotors for a long time, with a variety of pads (Pagid RS14 & RS29, Endless N45S & N35S mainly). In some cases we were pushing the pads beyond their operating temperature...
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    B16B engine upgrade questions.

    Looks like you've got lots going on. You'll need to consider things as a total package (I.e. how well they're going to work together) and not just individual components. Everything is fine in standard trim, but once you start upgrading one component you then have a flow-on effect of needing...
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    How do you feel now post Brexit?

    On the positive side, your instant exchange rate crash is awesome for those of us in different locations around the world who regularly buy car bits from the UK. Demon-Tweeks and RallyNuts, prepare yourself for my credit card!
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    ECU mounting?

    For another option... P-Clamps? From:
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    EK9 Racecar

    I'm certainly no expert on current piston offerings, but my prior experience indicated that it's hard to find aftermarket pistons for the B16B that keep the compression ratio up without using raised domes, hence my prior comment about possible stroking/FI. Those are some nice looking pistons...
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    EK9 Racecar

    Haha, my favourite post of the day. :)) Well played sir.
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    EK9 Racecar

    Nice! But makes me wonder if stroking or going forced induction is on the cards...?
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    EK9 Facts and Myths

    Ha, glad someone has mentioned this, thanks! Had this in mine, and wondered if there had been some patchwork/repairs prior to my ownership.
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    Overcamming a B16A/B16B?

    And they perform perfectly well? So it's mainly just a question of physical fit (clearances etc), and if you can get them in (incl dialled in, tuned), then they'll perform?
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    Overcamming a B16A/B16B?

    Hmmm interesting. Are the "Pro 2+" in their current catalogue pretty similar to the earlier "Pro 2". Those specs on paper look like: Intake Duration / Lift: 260° / 12.65mm Exhaust Duration / Lift: 272° / 11.90mm Has anyone put anything like Toda C's or Rocket M22X or Kelford C's (or R's)...