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  • yeah i was thinking iv got no chance keeping up with a ek9 like the spoon n1 looks really nice. im only running a d16 non vtec so you would of left me. lol wanst my girlfriend was my sister as soon as she seen you pull up she said to me dont even think about breaking the speed limit with me in the car haha. but should hook up sometimee when the weather gets better i take it u sometime go along to pitt street and west george street up the town
    very nice ek9 mate im sure that was you in the yellow ek9 on the m8 moterway on sunday 06/11/11 lol i was in the blue civic coupe
    hi, im selling my ek9 type r if you no anyone after one, firber glass wings, firber glass bonnet, firber glass boot, photos on my page bud.. thanks
    got my money sitting here ordered sum parts aready and got the engine sitting here just looking fora clean shell now mate, cnt wait to join u guys on the road :)
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