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    Fitting a B16B Head to a JDM SiR B18C...

    because a b16a,b16b and b18c R has a slightly larger combustion chamber than a b18c sir head... ur better of just puttin a skunk 2 intake anf type r cams:nice:
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    Fitting a B16B Head to a JDM SiR B18C...

    why would yo do that you would lose massive amount of compression :nerv:
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    Irish ek9 meet timetable...

    sounds good
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    HELP.... ek9 central locking

    as above cant get the central locking working in my ek9 ... was working with the alarm but took the alarm out and replaced it with a new one and now cant get it to work with the new alarm.. it wont even work with the key any more any ideas :nice:
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    newbie from dublin

    heya name's Michael from Ireland, Dublin just new to this site so gonna take a while to get use to it looking forward to getting to no new people :))
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    my ek9...

    southside mate u :nice:
  7. M stickers in ireland

    just wondering is there anyone on this site in ireland tat can get these stickers:nice:
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    my ek9...

    picked this up about a month ago 1998 facelift ek9 98 spec mani s/s cat back decat aem v2 billon blue rad hose's d2 lower control arms buddy club rear camber arms cusco coilovers str pro n1 alloys 15's mugen carbon lip j's racing carbon bonnet spoon carbon mirrors itr...
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