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  • Hello I'm looking for a full set of syncros for a ek9, just wondering if you do them.and a rough idea on price listed to the UK please.

    Thanks Sam
    hi there i would like to ask some info about getting an lsd for a d14. it is an ej9 civic.i am located in greece.
    according to your excel look mine transmisions
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    the 1st ones is mine and down i put the gears from a table that i found from s80 box
    and this is one of my video that i made
    HDV 0023 - YouTube
    Hi, can you reply to my PM's on CTRO forum please? I've sent a couple since Sunday but still haven't had a reply.


    Just wondering if you could help me.
    Myself, my brother and a friend do rallying in the uk all with ek9s, and we are looking for final drives, gear kits and also your motorsport shafts.
    I was just wondering if you do sponsorship in the uk, or how we become an dealer as we are struggling to find anyone close with mfactory equipment.
    If not what would be your best price on 4.9 final drives posted to the uk.
    Richard Bliss
    sorry could not pm i have not got enough posts.
    Are you shiping to Greece? I want a price for my B16A2 engine with the S40 transmision
    i want an LSD for it and in my tranny can i put the 4.9 final drive?
    hello mate, see your a mfactory dealer, i got some "mfactory" rear camber arms for my eg, i just want to send you pics of them to see if they are real Mfactory, as i need new bushes for them and would like you to get me them if you can, as i have nto got enough posts to pm you can you pm me your email address so i can mail the pics to you
    Really just depends on what you require. A FD is a good 1st step, but for all out acceleration, nothing beats a set of close ratio gears :)
    hey, how are you?:) seen your offers on the site and its brilliant!! am thinking of entering my car into time attack shortly and as a result want to do some gear mods... what would be the best first step? 4.928 fd or a close set 1 3 4 5?? what kind of price shipped to ireland? ive got pretty much everything else done to the ek9 at this stage! thank you!
    sir a quick question...what is the difference between the blank piston(flat surface) and the one with a concave in the middle? which delivers more power?
    hope you can help me out..thanx and godbless:)
    hey just pm'ing you regarding the prices of the gear sets and a 4.9fd, ratios would need to be ok for everyday use and occasional motorway hauls, like at present at 75mph the car is sitting close to 5k rpm i wouldnt want it much more than that, but i would like her to be a fair bit quicker so dont mind losing a few mpg.... it would be getting shipped to dublin ireland,
    Hey there, if you are going to do this, I would recommend the 1.625 3rd and 1.296 4th. If you went for the 1.384 4th, there would be a very large drop in rpm when you shift into 5th gear. A lot of our customers choose the 3/4 route and are happy :)
    Hey hows things, Iv been reading loads of info on lads installing 3rd 4rth and 5th mfactory gears and they seem to be working a treat! I drive a B16a stock s4c tranny and was concidering changing just 3rd and 4th and leave 5th long. What do you think about this set up, would it be worth the money and hassle? cheers in advance
    Hi Stephen,

    Just wondering if you could give me some advice and prices on some close ratio gears.

    I'm currently running a B16 gearbox (S4C) and an ITR 4.785 FD which is great from 1st to 3rd, but i'm finding 4th is a little too long and 5th is just a nightmare. Do you do a shorter 4th and 5th gear or can you recommend some other ways of curing the problem?

    FWIW, i'm running the Civic in the all new Nippon Race series so top speed can be dropped to about 115-120mph as its only used a few times on the public road.

    One last thing, I would be happy to run some M-Factory decals in return for some discount if your interested as since round 1 at Silverstone, I've been featured in Autosport magazine, Jap-Performance magazine and had an in-car camera fitted at Silverstone which was featured on Motors TV last month. Also I have taken 4 out of 5 class wins in the Honda modified category so not a bad start for an ametuer :)

    Anyway, any help on the gear situation would be much appreciated


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