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  • alright mate new to this just added you as i got a ej9 as well hope u dunt mind the add
    Yeah the very same as mine. For a while i was wondering if mine was even SSB. Well clearly its not true anyway. Thanks for your help.
    Hi mat would you be able to tell me and the paint code on your ej9? I ask you this because i have heard that SSB is only available in 1999 facelift ej9's. I don't know how true this is, so i said i would come to you another member with a SSB ej9

    hehe thanks ;)

    will do mate as soon as i get the car cos i've only got a few photos the dealer sent me.
    arr, thats fair enough man, gotta keep them happy man, lol
    when is cool for you?
    im on summer holiday at the moment so i should be able to do anydays except saturday and wednesday evenings
    ****, sorry man, totally forgot to let you know, i'm not gonna be able to make it this weekend. Forgot id told the mrs we would go away for the weekend.
    Would it be possible to re-arrange for some other time?
    Just had a look at the pics.have to admit they look spot on to me.I'm picking up the civic tommorrow morn, so I'll have a look to see if it's gt a spacesaver.if it has the 180 plus spacesaver sounds good. If it hasn't il have the 4 for 160 k?
    Cheers ben
    Yeah mate, Sunday would be better for me aswell. That's if I like em of course.LOL.I'd be paying cash.k?
    ok, should be alright i would have thought.
    Yeah just send me the pics in a private message that will be great thanks.
    If i think there sound, il probably come and get them next weekend, (the sat 1st august or the 2nd)Would that be ok with you mate?
    yeah, sounds good to me, slap some pics on an email or something so i can have a look, what colour are they by the way? i'd probably re-furb them anyway.
    cheers Ben
    can you get my email off here?
    That sounds fair to me.what's the general condition of the alloys?have the tyres got good tread etc?where do you live mate?
    Cheers ben
    i will do them for £160 with tyres
    i would rather not seperate the tyres as i have no use for the tyres without the alloys
    Alright mate,
    I'm after some ek4 vti alloys, and in a previous post somewhere noticed you saying you had some. I just wondered if you still had them and are they for sale?
    Cheers ben
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