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  • Sorry brother, I can't help you out then. I wont have the shell available until mid May early June at the latest. It'll be a rolling shell with 16" Gram Light rims, Cusco Coilovers, Fujitsobo Giken Co. limited Exhaust, no Recaros but a Bride Zeta III with low seat rails and harness, and new rotors + pads. I'm looking for 1800 GBP but am open to an offer from a fellow EK9 enthusiast.

    I'm going to be pulling the motor, tranny, maybe drive shaft, axles, ecu, wiring harness, slave and master cylinder, and maybe a few other little things. My plan is to do a VTec Mini-so basically the parts that I'll require for that.

    If you know anyone that maybe interested tell them about it, because I'm going to be looking to sell quick in mid May early June.
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