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    EK9 genuine rear bumper & lip

    Well done! Feel good vibes are in the air :)
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    Garage Clearout (OEM EK9, B16 & B18 Parts)

    Injectors still available please? Thanks
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    Lowered seat rail for standard EK9 seats

    Does it mean you no longer need your OEM seat rail? If so, I'm looking to buy an OEM drivers seat rail. Thanks
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    EK9 wanted

    Check out the updated site from Duncan:
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    WTB: ek9 rear spoiler

    Someone in Germany is selling one for about 450 euro's. Try "Ebay Kleinanzeigen" mate.
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    Stock EK9 Air Intake

    Try searching EK4 airbox mate. Should be identical. Regarding Air Flow Tube (between throttle body & Airbox), the one from an EK4 is virtually identical as well. I know cause I've been searching as well and I did found one recently. Good luck with your search!
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    Black EK9 Type Rx for sale

    I found one and it’s on the boat now. Exciting . Cheers
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    PY facelift ek9 breaking

    Can you list what is left please? Thanks
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    Recaro Centre “Jersey” Material??

    Hi, did it work out in the end? You have some fabric left you want to sell? Thanks
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    Parts For Sale

    Hi, can you PM me pics of centre caps and price you’re looking at please? Also price for Spoon spark plugs please if they fit facelift EK9. Thanks
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    Covid project, Australia

    Hello. That’s quite a project you have in mind there. Moneywise: isn’t it gonna cost more in the end then just buying an EK9? On the other hand, this truly is a great project to do and sounds like a real mechanical adventure. Look forward to seeing the progress. Good luck!
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    Y56 paint

    Can’t you go back to that workshop, show them the difference and ask them to correct? They should apply warranty and normally they are insured for ‘bad’ work.
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    Y56 paint

    Paint itself is a mixture of several colors and therefore different blends are rarely exactly the same. Think of the paintsticks you buy afterwards to touch things up. There’s mostly a paint difference. That’s why bodyshops need to use the base paint mixture but need to ‘correct’ it to the...
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    Belgium, part II

    Yellow is my favorite colour nowadays, together with a deep blue. Thanks to Spoon for their special livery.
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    Belgium, part II

    Hello all, Some 12 years ago, a friend of mine was looking for an EK9 and imported one via Duncan. That was my first encounter with this model. Didn't know it before. In fact, I've always been into English classic and sports cars but what I've always wanted was an Italian exotic. As many...