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    EK9 Rear and Side decal (for black color)

    I can say that Amayama is freaking sweet. Try order and if it's discontinued they refund it no worries. Often in my orders some thing gets refunded
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    Just bought an EM1 - Advice needed

    Cambelt! And coolant. Maybe water pump. Mostly cambelt
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    EK9 N1 Steel Wheels

    Was there a CRV with 5x114 steel wheels? I feel like I've seen some that are pretty basic spec
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    What would you call this part?

    No response is possibly because people don't know... The part diagrams have "stiffeners", "extenders" and "outriggers" around there. Can't quite figure which it is though
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    Ek9 distributor

    Try replacing the cap, rotor, coil and ignitor. Easier to get those bits new than find a whole dizzy
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    Recaro refresh Haven't done it myself, but I'd look into that. Curious how much play are you seeing?
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    engine oil pressure ??

    This is interesting. Never heard of this issue before, anyone know how common it might be on B series?
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    Ek9 resto project

    Pretty sure the race base interior was just run of the mill ek civic. Should be easy to find. They also had steel wheels and no tints
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    WTB ek9 Radio block off plate 77240-st7-z00za

    Long gone unfortunately. Wish I had bought more than one given the price they go for now.
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    Shifter linkage rebuild kit?

    Do this: Disclaimer: I haven't but it seems good
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    b16a2 compression!

    At least they searched...
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    Ek4 vti flip key

    Resize with a free resize webpage or MS Paint or whatever
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    Recaro Plastic Cover Passenger Side

    Very recently been discontinued through Honda unfortunately. But yes possibly Recaro?
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    First swiss ek9 and modding story

    Always fun to see brochures! What's the little black one next to your Civic Accessories?
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    EK9 Steering Wheel Refurbishment

    **** that looks amazing. Got closer pics? How close do you think the stitching is to OEM?