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  • hi mate, read on the forum you had some ek9 shocks with aftermarket springs...

    Just wondered if these were still for sale, if so what springs do you have?

    Thanks, james
    basically everything bar the engine,interior,spoiler,lights basically just the shell with the bumpers with lips,doors glass and the 5lug setup
    Hi mate,

    you sent me a pm about a rolling shell, which ive only just read , do you want to send me pictures and a price you have in mind mate?

    hey man was only really lookin at spendin 100 max for some lca's
    cheers anyway
    Hello Iceman, I'm not on this forum much, but I'm on Clivilfe and itr-dc2. Is the engine convertion still for sale? Would be interested. Can organise pickup on my own via a courier. If You interested please email me on [email protected] Thanks, Arvid
    sry can not write you pmz :((

    i would prefer to get the compl. swap including axles/tranny/ecu/s.o.

    shipping is round about 150$
    ok have you got a number? tht sounds good i will come and colect it, but i am going to my dads in dubai 2 weeks today for a week. so i will have to come and get it then. if you still have it cheers danny.
    alright how you doing have you got a facelift ek9 front lip? or even a civic vti facelift lip as they r the same?
    thanks taus
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