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    OEM parts available (EK9) + some aftermarket

    How much for the engine mounts including delivery (UK mainland), thanks
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    Exhaust water steaming

    Most likely try have also got a decat fitted, every car I've fitted a decat too then steams from the exhaust even when at full operating temperature. Mainly noticeable in the evening / night and only when the car is idling
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    closest match paint to rays engineering bronze

    I've seen BMW Sepang Bronze, with a matte lacquer used to get a close match, looked good but could do with slightly more gloss in my opinion. A quick google brings up Fiat 750 Marron Volciano, which looks good...
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    Hard race droplinks

    No worries, it's Hardrace 6218 you need :)
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    Hard race droplinks

    Hardrace are a great replacement, got them on all of my cars, well priced and great quality. A and K Motorsport are a UK Hardrace supplier, Great service and prices, drop them a message
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    Charcoal canister and breather help!

    Slight bump for this thread, what did you do in the end jesse? I'm looking to replace my throttle body with the Edelbrock 65mm piece which doesn't have the top hose outlet, therefore I'd have no way of running the OEM hose from the TB to the charcoal canister. I have the OEM throttle body off...
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    Facelift EK9 headlights - only manual adjustment?

    Hi everyone, Just a quick one, did the EK9 only come with manual adjustment headlights? I've bought a set that are manual, and there's a set of manual adjustment ones on eBay. Are they all like this or was there a motorised option available too? Cheers. Harv
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    EK9 Tinted Rear Glass - Inside or Out?

    Thanks for all the responses people, the glass itself being coloured would definitely explain why I couldn't figure out which side was tinted! At least I can safely cut it back now. Cheers again!
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    Main bearing clearance

    Oh god, reading this sort of thread has got me worried. May have to have a thorough search before I start ordering parts, anyone able to briefly tell me the problem when using the ARP main stud kit? Sorry for the thread hijacking!
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    EK9 Tinted Rear Glass - Inside or Out?

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help, I've recently bought an EK9 tailgate for my Jordan, which of course has tinted glass. There are some scratches in the screen which I want to remove, I have access to all of the right equipment to do this. But can't figure out which side of the glass...
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    Grooved discs Vs Standard?

    For a daily I'd stick to OE standard replacement discs & pads, not crap quality stuff, something like Pagid or Delphi will be more than suitable. Some fresh brake fluid also wouldn't do any harm if your's hasn't been replaced within the last couple of years. It's surprising how well some half...
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    S2000 gone. its replacement

    Lovely car, always had a soft spot for the E46 M3s, not a colour you often see the M badged ones in either, some tasteful changes being made already. Will be keeping an eye on this :)
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    Breaking my phoenix yellow K24 EK9 TE37, Nitron, Wilwood, Recaro

    Still interested in the P1s as per our previous PMs. Harv
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    My EG6!

    NT03s on EGs just look spot on, especially the white on red. I wish EKs had fold flat rear seats, looks much better having them folded down when they're not in use!
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    biscuit's facelift EK9

    Sounds lovely, always found 5Zigen systems the best sounding 'loud' exhausts! Car looks lovely too mate.