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  • Hi mate,

    just saw you once had an ek3 with ek9 shocks and wondered what it was like. Did it drop the car much compared to stock, and did u ever marry the shocks with lowering springs and what was the outcome?

    Looking at the possibility of doing something similar, so would be really helpful if you'd share your experiences!


    as you know im selling it on though, saks had applied for the v5 on the day i bought the car but spoke to the dvla who said they have no application for a v5 for this reg car!

    guess i might just have to apply for a new one again if it doesnt turn up soon

    cheers g star
    That's a joke about selling

    I was just testing as I wasn't sure of contributor rights, seems a bit unfair

    Haven't got v5, I believe you still own the coop
    Hi Gary

    Do you know the reason I've been banned on civiclife.

    Also need a word with you about the coops v5
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