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    Hondata s300 or link injectors

    Hi wondering if anyone has any reviews on the link g4+ standalone? I was planning on using a Hondata s300 but mapper has recommended I use a link g4 standalone. Also I currently have 550cc RC injectors looking at running around 400bhp what injectors should I upgrade to brand size? Ideally...
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    Track SSB EK4 kanjo inspired

    What a shame
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    New to the forum

    welcome in get some pictures up
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    Newbie from ireland *Jordan No.454*

    Welcome nice looking jordan
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    Probably About Time

    Looking good what brand carbon wings?
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    EG civic K-swap inside

    Very nice liking the rpf1s look awesome shame about going of.
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    Ek9 speedo

    No one got one?
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    Ek9 speedo

    speedo as title wanted ek9 speedo meter cash waiting
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    Valve clearance tool

    I will take one if you have any more left please pm me your paypal email address and il get payment made
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    VSM EK9 K20 Turbo Project

    Looking good mate welds are spot on
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    New from ireland.

    Welcome mate nice EG
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    Gt2860rs gt2871r

    I have dropped him a pm now.
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    Gt2860rs gt2871r

    Anymore input guys?
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    Gt2860rs gt2871r

    At the moment this is my setup B18c4 engine block is stock Ek9 cams ( will be changing to a complete type r head soon) Skunk2 ultra series Street inlet 70mm tb T28 turbo 2.7" downpipe 3" exhaust system Hks log manifold 2.5" intercooler pipes It made 310bhp @ 0.5bar I am wanting at least...
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    Gt2860rs gt2871r

    Thanks for the help. So the gt2871r will be the better option then. Any idea how turbo lag this will have? I want something quick spooling with no lag if possible.