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    Cup holders

    Hi guys Just got an EM1 coupe and it's driving me nut having no cup holders. Does anyone have a set going for sensible money. I can get a new set from Honda for £50 but thought i'd check here first. Cheers Rob
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    EK Parts - bumper, lip, TAKATA and more

    Would you be willing to split the Takaras?
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    1999 EK9 champ white

    this still for sale mate?
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    EK9 or EK4 shell?

    I've got a black EK9 shell that i've made rolling with EK4 suspension. Has ek9 doors and bootlid and EK4 front and rear bumpers and bonnet. Let me know if your interested. Rob
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    2001 CW DC5 107k £SOLD

    do you have the oem wheels and bonnet?
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    Milano Red DC2 £2800

    my offer still stands buddy
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    Aftermarket D series manifold and decat

    I have a supersprint manifold if thats any good to you.
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    B18 Pre-Facelift Lots Of Mods... 5k!!!!!

    Is this still for sale and have you got the updated pics?
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    Black EK9 Civic Type R.

    Still waiting for photos mate
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    Few Honda bits

    pm sent
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    Few Honda bits

    I can do it for £50 delivered if thats any good
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    Few Honda bits

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    Few Honda bits

    will try to get pics up tonight if not tomorrow. Don't have pic of damper fitted as its brand new.
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    Few Honda bits

    Hi all clearing out the garage the other day and came across a few bits so thought i'd put them up for sale. NRG engine damper for EK9 but I think it will fit other cars - £50 Genuine Honda locking wheel nuts - £20 Blank Honda keys x2 - £5 each all prices are plus delivery
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    S80 box with Cusco 1.5 diff

    depends how much cash and what condition your box is in