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    WANTED: 262mm Front Brake Carrier (O/S Drivers)

    WANTED: 262mm Front Brake Carrier (O/S Drivers) To fit an EG6, nisin caliper Im pretty sure the EK4 / 96spec DC2 / EG6 carriers are the same even if the caliper size is different
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    2 EK9's Breaking + Lots of Spares/Extras

    Do you have a fully working OBD2a TD86U dizzy? If so, price delivered :)
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    EK9's Breaking

    Do you have a fully working OBD2a TD86U dizzy? If so, price delivered :)
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    lol i dont think ive ever been welcomed by so many different nationalities! lol
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    cams!!! what to do??

    well unfortunately i normally speak to people that are quite clever when it comes to cars, so i speak as i would to them. they know that im not thick and dont 'mean something stupid' when i say it. that being said for anyone to just assume it anyway is just ignorant. i havent been on here long...
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    Bit of help on car alarms

    makesure the insurance company you are with support the alarm you are going to buy, you then have to makesure that the alarm is fitted by a proper installer that is willing to write you a letter to say they fitted the alarm as your insurance will want proof of this and proof of the alarm...
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    good suspention and lcas ?

    +1 you need to specify what youre going to use the car for. no point us suggesting one thing if your setup will need another PS - there was a thread like this on civiclife not long ago, lots of peoples reviews on all sorts of coilovers in that thread:))
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    Quantum race coilovers

    bump for awesome suspension teg trackcar i test drove had these in and they seemed spot on for the car
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    itr camshaft and double valve springs and retainers

    surprised your allowed to sell these items on here! i mean the above quote seems to be the going trend for opinions on second hand valvetrain:rolleyes:
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    cams!!! what to do??

    well with moderators with an attitude like yours im surprised you get any newbies stay long. saw in another thread that someone posted '<insert username> for the ban' seems that this forum lacks people with constructive input, but has too many people willing to post to make it sound as if...
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    3rd gear ratio

    are you sayng that your 3rd gear has rounded edges on the teeth? this sort of thing doesnt just happen, and i expect the reason behind it is that your scynroes are completely shagged! hence people are asking.... did it chrunch going into this gear?
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    cams!!! what to do??

    well thats not what i was saying at all. so why just assume it? tbh this forum really hasnt appealed to me and im glad i didnt have to submit my exam papers to forum based readers to get my motorsport engineering degree! and yes to get a good idle or even an idle at all (without adjusting...
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    problem! felt like i was hittin the rev limiter early :S

    +1 they may be sooted up and then when you demanded the most from them the spark got blown out when was the last time you changed them? and do you do a short journey everyday? as if the car never comes off cold start setting and therefore may have sooted up your plugs?
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    DIY Compression Calculator

    theres a program you can get for your PC made by 'performance trends inc' that does teh actual maths for you, you just enter the values i got bored of doing the calculations manually for my motorsport engineering degree
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    cheers lads, i never really understood why honda made the jordan tbh