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    lossing coolant

    have you checked to see the level in the rad, make sure that is brimmed, and then fill reserve up, then monitor it
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    1999 Championship White EK9

    Hate to be a bearer of bad news but.... This isnt promising, unless its sat in someones collection somewhere
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    Best all rounder tyre for the OEM wheels

    Aasuming you mean the pic in the reply by Jamie and not me lol
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    Best all rounder tyre for the OEM wheels

    195/55 just fills the arch better. Also its the size honda designed the car to work on, sticker in the door jamb says 195/55 so thats what i use. Smaller and your speedo starts getting out of whack etc. Mine had 50s when i bought it and drives much nicer in the 55s now
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    Various Aftermarket EK9 parts for sale

    Hey would you post the b pipe? thanks
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    Best all rounder tyre for the OEM wheels

    Yeah agreed, 195/50 that i see a lot of people use looks like an elastic band. And from what ive read the Re010 that they had from factory were excellent tyres back in the day!
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    Mileage and year

    no need to be sad, thats like 5-6 a year if that. Mines on 120,xxx, and its a 2000 Rx
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    Best all rounder tyre for the OEM wheels

    Found Yokohama AD08RS to be the best for that exact use case, great in the wet, amazing in the dry and very adequate for track usage too. Although 195/55/15 is the correct size tyre to be used on the EK9 factory wheels.
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    Black EK9 Type Rx for sale

    not sure Dunc is bringing in cars atm, you can speak to Torque GT about it, i highly recommend them
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    WTB - OEM EK9 Exhaust

    As per title, Looking for an OEM Genuine Honda EK9 Centre pipe and back box, Thanks
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    Repair panels/parts

    I can get these in from Japan, DM me bud :)
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    Cleaning the OEM recaro's

    Hey all, just thought i would share my experience on cleaning the oem red recaros. I used this how to guide from Honda Tech: When cleaning them, i removed the seats from the rails...
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    New member with a Y56 ek9

    Welcome bud!
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    Trying to restore a 1997 EK9 to its former self

    just a quick suggestion, have you tried machine polishing your old paint, factory paint was 2k with no clear coat. so the old paint yellows badly. mine came up well with a machine polish and matched a lot better.
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    Civic ek9 parts

    May aswell buy a real EK9 with how much that will cost in parts bud