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  • see you car up on donedeal ???? :( :( your crazy mate !!!! ya took parts off doh n1 , wheels , mirrors , ect wise move :)
    Daniel, the ek9 with CFhood, which front lip does it have, i liked it.

    My ek9 black would be nice with it.

    let me know,

    i would be but to be honest i dont think i would pay that much seen pretty mint ones on done deal for 5k and less ,, its crazy the way they dropped in price
    hi, im selling my ek9 type r if you no anyone after one, firber glass wings, firber glass bonnet, firber glass boot, photos on my page bud. thanks
    yeah was thinkin bout gettin the spoons but there mad money , so might just make do with the rota slipstreams,the regamasters are much the same in looks anyways , whats the price on them ???
    i rang dem and day said no.i have no ncb an 5 points.quinn quoted me 5220 for third party ive had 2 quotes out of 30 places.
    who are you insured with if you dont mind me askin?havin bit of trouble gettin anyone to quote me..cheapest was 3500
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