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    Chassis number of a black Honda civic EK9 Type-R

    Hello guys, I want to get an authentic front grille for my honda civic ej9 and I wish to get the type-R one. The company in my country that import Honda parts require a chassis number of a black honda civic ek9 Type-R. The reason being is that I want the grille in a black colour to match my car...
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    What size should I go for my TE37's ?

    Thank you for your reply. As for the rim specs, I am not sure myself yet because I am not that much knowledgeable so I am still doing my research. Once I get an idea I will include all the details.
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    What size should I go for my TE37's ?

    Hello guys, I currently own a Honda Civic EJ9 and its time to change my wheels and tires as the current ones have been through a lot and are quite big for the car. The previous owner went for a 205 / 40 / 17" wheel/rim setup which is pretty big and its rubbing all over the place even with stock...