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  • Exactly, we both broke our promise as u just stated. Therefore we are both to blame.
    Yeah maybe we could of. But maybe if u didnt change your mind in the first place we wouldnt have this problem.
    Next time dont try selling your stuff to people on their wanted threads then change the deal half way through..
    You had already accepted my money end of story. You can't change the deal when you already had my money. End of.
    You was the one that somehow 'forgot' that you wouldn't have a valve cover after you had already sold it to me. Surely you should have thought of that before accepting my money..
    I paid you more than the odds for that cover you know i did, then you expected me to go into my own pocket 'again' to send my one back to you! I could of had it refurbed for half the price i paid you! You've got a cover now anyway you told me, im sure you dont need 2! Mine is nackerd anyway i told you that why did you think i replaced it for.
    Listen, i paid you strong money for that cover including paying postage. Now you expect me to put my hand in my pocket 'again' to send this out to you when we had already agreed on the deal! I've bought off many members on here without a problem, now remove that comment trying to make me look the bad guy!
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