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    Bride/Seeker bucket seats + Bride rails

    i was on RHDJAPAN last week looking at these rare seats any idea on postage to Germany?
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    Bonnet pins

    can I ask what bonnet you purchased?
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    Vented Bonnet/Hood

    any good reviews on the aerodynamics vented hoods from fulltunning or feineys
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    Honda Civic Ferio Vi-RS

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    Breaking big spec EM1 coupe,high comp b18c,Mfactory,Status,Bc, Sk2

    any idea on postage for status seat to Germany. I'm interested..thanks
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    Vented Bonnet/Hood

    thanks for your input would you happen to have info on these hoods?
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    Newbie from ireland *Jordan No.454*

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    Vented Bonnet/Hood

    wow no answers on here:angry2:
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    WTB 99-00 ek9 facelift Hood/Bonnet

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    New Member from Belgium

    welcome! keep up the great work
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    new from the netherlands

    i love it ! :beer:
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    Vented Bonnet/Hood

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    Vented Bonnet/Hood

    I have been all over the websites and cant seem to find a company that sells vented hoods in Europe. I need help trying to find a store or online website that I can purchase a vented hood from. I am looking for a charge speed or VIS or firstmolding type hoods for 99-00 face lift . thanks