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    Happy New Year

    Happy new Year all! Hope it's a good one for every one:drive:
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    OUTSIDERS japan film

    Going to japan sometime next year i believe:drive:
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    Donations Thread

    Donated bud. Keep it up :bow:
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    So, what do you do?

    Training Electrician & Alarm Engineer for the time been!
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    seeking advice on Over head linesman.

    Cheers for that dhdavectr! I will most likely be doing the overhead lines tbh I do a taster of all the disciplines. Western power have a purpose built training center in my area and all training is there. What sort of work did you do in the 2weeks mate?
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    seeking advice on Over head linesman.

    Hi all! Haven't been on in a while been working away left right an center:angry: Sorry to reopen a thread too. Basically soon I will be going through the western power distribution apprenticeship scheme recruitment process etc and I was just wondering if anyone has any pointers in...
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    2015 Civic Type R takes on Nurburgring

    will look f#kin awesome in the flesh!
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    The New Type R.

    I actually think its Beautiful!
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    Burny's B18C EK9

    amazing dude :bow:
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    My Nurburgring Visit

    Haha jay_k you absolute Baller:bow:
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    My Nurburgring Visit

    dont think i would ever build up the courage to hit the thing on a bike.. big balls my friend big balls:nono:
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    Burny's B18C EK9

    Fair play man, this 9 with the seeker v2 will look awesome! Will deffo Be in for updates on this, keep it up mate
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    Burny's B18C EK9

    I may just have to set that as my desktop:nerv: haha
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    Burny's B18C EK9

    loving this thread! CPR's were made for the 9! One of the nicest I've seen:nice:
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    What car next!

    Probably get slated but what about a Volvo c30 T5 R design? 230bhp/236lb As standard. Only ever heard good things about them.