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  • can any one help plss

    just a quik question mate, i have the same ek, which i have done a b16a2 swap, and now my car dosent pass 4000rpm and the engine light is on too

    i have put all the running gear on %100 its all done, got the obd2 covo to obd1
    p30 ecu is on too
    and the car is idles at 2000rpm

    can u pls help any idea why it dosent pass 4000rpm
    good good well need to wait year untill i can drive / get my car then i need money for the conversion
    was looking a some respones uve done about a b18c engine swap and u sound like uve done a few jobs and also noticed your in scotland , and once i can drive was thinking on getting this sort of conversion could do with your assistance
    get a black one man they are ultimate. and go boost! haha thats what i wish id done knowz.
    hello dude! auch no much man, lost a fair bit of intrest in the civic after i put in the b18 and it blew up haha. what you driving these days? still working up the road from me?
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